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Visual Surveillance System

The experienced professionals at TelPro can also assist you in designing and installing surveillance camera systems. Business security is paramount to maintaining efficiency and profits, and it will increase your own sense of security as a business owner. 

While any company wanting to protect its assets should have some sort of security system, video surveillance for businesses is particularly useful for multiple reasons. Surveillance cameras have many advantages that can directly benefit your company beyond being used as simply a crime deterrent. While video security is most commonly used to protect from external threats, such as theft and break-ins, surveillance can also protect your business from internal theft or policy violations. 

TelPro will work with your company to determine the optimum system for your space, needs, and budget.  TelPro prides itself on competitive pricing and customer satisfaction for all your telecommunications needs.

Support and service:

TelPro offers a full range of service and support options to all of its clients, ensuring that their audio-visual technology continues to exceed expectations. Inevitably, every system will need occasional maintenance and technical help. TelPro is committed to providing this maintenance and support and can provide a plan for every client’s budget, no matter how extensive their needs are.

Choosing TelPro for your technological needs means:

  • Consistent quality for A/V installations
  • Quality of workmanship is guaranteed
  • Systems installed to meet all design and performance specifications
  • Extensive quality testing to ensure proper operation and functionality
  • Validation of proper operation of your security systems installation