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A properly engineered and implemented cabling system saves money, reduces system downtime, and provides for cost-effective future network growth. TelPro provides individualized designs to build a strong, structured foundation for your cabling infrastructure. Each cabling project begins with a personalized assessment of the clients’ communication needs. With the stable communication foundation TelPro provides, connectivity to servers, computers, and other network devices enable multimedia traffic to be routed through your network.

TelPro meets your cabling needs through:

EXPERIENCE: Locally owned and operated since 1990, TelPro has the necessary experience and dedication that you are looking for. Our technicians are proficient in the widest variety of network media. All our cable system installations are performed by highly-trained professionals who specialize in copper and fiber optic cabling solutions. We perform an intensive system audit to ensure that your system complies with all ANSI/TIA/EIA Standards, and is ready for acceptance. After we install, test, label and certify your cable system, we will provide you with a complete documentation package, including patch panel records, test results, and as-built drawings, to help facilitate a future move, add and change (MAC) activity. TelPro maintains the highest standards and best practices through ongoing education on the latest cabling technologies and methods, which allows us to offer and execute newly available trends in today’s constantly expanding market.

 SERVICE:  With thorough attention to details and a commitment to meeting the individual needs of our clients, our customer service and communication are our strongest attributes in today’s competitive market. Our technicians provide professional, courteous, and non-disruptive service during office hours, and we are available to schedule after-hours services at your convenience. Our team will completely manage your networking project from conception to completion for a seamless transition.

SUPPORT: Our innovative approach to cabling infrastructure designs and installations, as well as our attention to detail, enables us to guarantee your satisfaction. Clients of TelPro do not have to worry about navigating endless phone menus and waiting on hold when you have urgent questions or concerns. You will have the direct line to the Project Manager dedicated to your needs. Every customer must be satisfied with the quality and value they expect from TelPro.